About Martina

Martina Lutz Schneider

Martina is the owner and the heart of HARVEST MOON MASSAGE. Martina has been giving massages even before she received formal training, understanding and enjoying the positive impact of massage on a person’s well being and health. Providing a time to slow down, relax and attend to you in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere in these frantic times is a great gift.

She is a California Certified Massage Therapist and has served as a massage therapist to the Sonoma Valley community since 2005. Martina offers a variety of massage styles allowing her to tailor your massage to your specific needs and preferences. The gentle art of massage for the elderly has been the focus of her work in recent years.

Martina and Sons

She received her Certified Massage Therapist training (CMT) in 2001 from the Alive and Well Massage Institute now in Mill Valley and completed her Certification as Rosen Method Body Work Practitioner in 2006.

She received additional training in Massage for Elders and the terminally ill in 2007 through the McKinnon Institute in Oakland. The California Massage Therapy Council granted her the California State Certification as Massage Therapist in 2011.

Massage Training

California Massage Certification
Certified Massage Therapist training
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